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There's an Explanation for This White Scene in Tokyo – and It's Not Snow

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

In case you don't know, the temperatures last Friday in Tokyo were in the 70s. So what's this white stuff that appears to be blanketing a city street?

tokyo foam (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The answer is simple. The foam is a whole lot of body soap, according to (via Google Translate).

The dense suds were coming from a several story-building where a commercial tenant had poured 40 liters of body soap down the drain, causing the first floor drain to overflow and then flood the sidewalk.

tokyo foam (Image: YouTube screenshot)

tokyo foam (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Officials said, according to the report, that there is no risk for bodily harm or toxicity issues.

Take a look at the scene:

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(H/T: Kotaku)



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