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Chilling: Author Brad Thor Reveals the Extremely Powerful Agency Behind New Book 'Hidden Order


“More secretive than the NSA, CIA, and some people claim more powerful than the United States government itself.”

Brad Thor (Image source: Simon and Schuster)

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Author Brad Thor warned about the NSA surveillance state in his last book "Black List," and in a recent interview with TheBlaze's Jon Seidl, described the subject of his newest book as an organization “more secretive than the NSA, CIA, and some people claim more powerful than the United States government itself.”

On Glenn Beck's radio program Tuesday, coinciding with the book's release date, Thor revealed the agency behind "Hidden Order": the Federal Reserve.

"I learned about a group of powerful people that snuck out of New York one night in November in the early 1900's," he told Beck. "They went down to an island called Jekyll Island and there they cobbled together...a plan for a central bank for the United States of America."

He noted how two previous attempts to create a centralized bank had been overwhelmingly rejected by the American people, so the individuals had to create an "elaborate smoke screen," leaving any reference of a centralized bank from the title, instead naming the organization the "Federal Reserve."

He described the circumstances surrounding the event as "thriller-writer gold," adding that the naming process was noteworthy since the group was "about as federal as Federal Express, and there's no reserves there."

In Thor's book, which takes place in the present-day, Navy SEAL Scott Harvath is called in after the chairman of the Federal Reserve leaves quickly under questionable circumstances - and the five people put up to replace him all disappear on the same night.

When he peels back the layers, Thor said, Harvath discovers that the Fed "is doing things nobody in America could ever imagine could be done..."

"And I think all this kind of stuff is going to, in real life, come to light really soon," Thor added.

When Beck said the chairman of the Federal Reserve Branch in Dallas has actually spoken out against the organization, Thor said the local branches are just "part of the window dressing" to make people feel like they have a connection to the agency that controls so much of their lives.

Thor added, with no hint of humor: "If I was that guy, I'd be starting my car with a stick, and I wouldn't be driving it down any steep hills, either."

In number one bestselling author's estimation, the Federal Reserve loves the current scandals surrounding the IRS and the NSA because it's about to mark it's 100th year, and despite the fact that they're "not accountable to the American people," we're "not talking about them."

He summarized: "I think readers are not only going to have a great ride with this book, but they're going to close it being pretty smart about the Federal Reserve and some of the dangers it poses to the country."

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