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TheBlaze's Buck Sexton Warns of the 'Single Biggest Threat to American Liberty


"These groups, these agencies, that harass, intimidate, and break the will of the people to be free.."

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Everywhere you look these days, there seems to be a new government scandal. But whether it's the IRS targeting conservatives, the Department of Justice intimidating reporters, or the NSA gathering information on every electronic transmission you participate in, they all seem to have one thing in common: It's government agencies against private citizens.

TheBlaze's Buck Sexton Tuesday night, filling in on The Glenn Beck Program, warned of the grave dangers of "petty little army of petty bureaucrats [and] meddling commissars."

"These groups, these agencies, that harass, intimidate, and break the will of the people to be free," he said. "That's happening every day now in America, all across this country.

He continued: "The growth and power of the statist federal bureaucracy is a timeless threat. It does not go away with elections, it just gets bigger year after year. And the soulless unaccountable edifices of a regulatory and legal bureaucracy in America that eradicates our liberty is something that is an existential threat to constitutional principles...As they say in the State Department, 'presidents come and go, but the department - that's forever.'"

He proceeded to point out examples of bureaucrats who have targeted private citizens, noting that it's not just "rogue" agents that make life harder for private citizens – it can also be the agencies themselves.

Why do veterans have to wade through 613 forms across 18 different federal agencies to get their benefits, he asked? Why is the tax code over 70,000 pages long?

"Amoral bureaucracy is the single biggest threat to American liberty today," Sexton said.

In fact, Sexton went so far as to tie America's issues to those of Rome's before its collapse.

He asked if any of the following sound familiar: "Declining moral values and civility, overextended military, irresponsible fiscal policy, and the tyranny of bureaucrats."

He described a "rapacious, insatiable bureaucracy" that taxed and regulated the people beyond what most could pay, while those at the top "started to ignore and flout the law."

"This led us, by the way, to centuries of darkness, known as the Dark Ages," he pointed out.

"The collapse of Rome was caused, in large part, by a government that was simply too big and too self-interested," he concluded. "Unless we stand against this, it will bring about our decline and fall [as well]."

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