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TV Host Brian Kilmeade Makes Trick-Shooting Toddler Sob After Accidentally Throwing a Basketball at His Face


"Titus you're a machine. You're a machine! How do you stop this?"

Photo Credit: Fox News

An unfortunate thing happened on "Fox & Friends" this morning -- or, as TV Newser dubs the scenario, it was an incident that went "terribly awry."

Toddler Titus Ashby is a basketball sensation (you've seen him on TheBlaze before) who is known for magically sinking hoops again and again. He and his father appeared on the show this morning, with co-host Brian Kilmeade speaking to Titus as the child showed the world his stunning abilities.

"Titus is on a roll," Kilmeade proclaimed, later adding, "Do you ever miss, Titus? Ever?"

The toddler didn't verbally respond; he just kept on making baskets.

Photo Credit: Fox News

As the host continued to shower accolades upon the tiny prodigy, a painful bit of foreshadowing unfolded -- and an event that unfolded on live television for the nation to see.

"Titus you're a machine. You're a machine! How do you stop this?," Kilmeade said as he passed Titus the ball.

It was at this point, though, that the host's rhetorical question was inadvertently answered by an unintended action. The young boy missed the ball that Kilmeade passed him and was hit square in the face.

Titus reacted by immediately grabbing his face and sobbing. The segment, needless to say, ended there.

Later on, the awkward moment was played off by Kilmeade and the "Fox & Friends" gang, as they gave Titus the chance to throw the ball back as hard as he could at the host.

Watch the entire incident, below:

(H/T: TV Newser)


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