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Brad Thor's Testy TV Exchange After He Offers to Buy George Zimmerman a New Gun


"Whatever gun he wants + however much ammo, consider it done. I'm buying. Done deal."

Brad Thor

Bestselling author Brad Thor is offering to buy George Zimmerman a new gun and all the ammunition he wants after the Justice Department put a hold on releasing the evidence from Zimmerman's murder trial, thus delaying the return of his handgun.

Author Brad Thor is offering to buy George Zimmerman a new gun.

Thor made the offer in a series of tweets Friday, then doubled down in a contentious TV interview in Chicago.

"Read this carefully, as I don't want 2 be misunderstood: SCREW the #DOJ. If they won't give #Zimmerman his gun back, I'll buy him a new one," he tweeted shortly after midnight Friday.

He followed up with a tweet to Zimmerman's brother Robert Zimmerman Jr.: "Whatever gun he wants + however much ammo, consider it done. I'm buying. Done deal."

Thor was confronted about his offer Friday morning in an appearance on Chicago morning program "Windy City Live."

"At what point do we let an American citizen get done with the justice process?" Thor asked. "I mean this is a big deal, this could happen to anybody. If the government can keep hounding you, this guy's life is ruined at this point. I know we have a dead child here but he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Trayvon Martin wasn't on trial, George Zimmerman was, and he's not guilty...at what point does he get to recommence his life?"


A show panelist asked whether "it's really a good idea to give George Zimmerman a gun back?"

"He's not guilty!" Thor said. "And as a matter of fact don't you think he needs a gun now more than ever with all the death threats against him?"

Co-host Val Warner questioned why Zimmerman would "even risk going through the same thing again" if he had another gun.

"That's his decision, Val, it's not for us to decide if we're going to curtail his liberty or not, that is his Second Amendment right to possess a firearm, defend himself, defend his family, and it is not up to you, it's not up to me, to decide what's right for George Zimmerman. He's an American citizen, he gets to decide what's right for him," Thor said.

Warner said it could be Zimmerman's decision "after everything is over."

"When's it over? How much more does he have to go through?" Thor said. "There's not a shred of evidence that he is a racist and yet the Department of Justice is freezing everything."

In an email to TheBlaze Friday afternoon, Thor said he had yet to hear from the Zimmerman family about his offer.

As for what type of gun he'd buy for Zimmerman, Thor said "he'll need to decide for himself."

"That's the beauty of guns," Thor said.

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