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Guess Who Reportedly Accompanied Al Sharpton to NYC Rally -- Then Got Jeered by Crowd?


"...if you can’t control yourself, you’ve come to the wrong rally."

(Credit: YouTube)

When the Rev. Al Sharpton and Trayvon Martin's mother arrived at the Harlem rally for Martin today, they were accompanied by Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera, according to National Review Online.

NRO adds that Rivera had "no cameraman and seemed to be observing the proceedings as a guest."

Some protesters apparently spot Rivera and began to complain and shout, “Get Fox out!” and “What are you doing here?”

Geraldo Rivera (Credit: Getty Images)

More from NRO:

The anti-Fox crowd was sufficiently vocal to compel Sharpton’s attention from the podium; he quieted them down by saying, “Don’t get distracted, let’s focus on what we’re doing now.” [...]

Dapper as usual in a pink tie and gray double-breasted suit, and flanked by Trayvon’s relatives, Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, Representative Charlie Rangel (D., N.Y.), and several other notables of the black left, Sharpton warned, “You have woke us up, and we are never going to sleep!” Yet he seemed to be taking pains to avoid violence (or at least associations therewith), repeatedly declaring that the protests ought to remain peaceful. In addition to quieting the shouts against Fox, at one point he told the crowd:

"We’re having a fight, not a fit. We’re having a movement, not a moment. So if you can’t control yourself, you’ve come to the wrong rally."

Here's raw video of the NYC rally with remarks from Sharpton just after the 1-minute mark (along with some calls from the crowd to get Rivera and Fox News away from the proceedings):

(H/T: Drudge)



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