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Ever Wonder What Would Happen if the Foul-Ball Netting Behind Home Plate Failed? Here's Your Chance to See


Now you have an excuse not to pay so much money for those premium seats.

(Source: YouTube)

The images of a baseball fan sitting behind home plate and flinching when a ball goes screaming off a bat and into the foul-ball netting are always fun to watch, mostly because we know that the netting will protect everyone from anything serious happening. But have you ever wondered what would happen if that netting failed? Well, thanks to the Dodgers-Nationals game on Saturday, now we know.

While Dodgers player Jerry Hairston was at the plate, he tipped a Rafael Soriano pitch back to the netting. And while it was expected to be a flinch-inducing play, no one really expected anything bad to happen.

But something went wrong. That "something" was a hole in the netting, which meant the ball went flying through and hit a woman sitting in the background:


(Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube)

Here's how it looked in regular speed:

Twitter user Andrew Tabach was sitting behind the woman and posted a picture of the hole in the net:

(Source: Twitter.com/andrewtabs)

According to Tabach, the ball hit the woman in the shoulder. And while she did cry a little bit, an usher gave her an ice pack and she even got the ball.

As for the hole, Tabach tweeted another photo of an employee stitching it up:

(Source: Twitter.com/andrewtabs)

If you ever needed an excuse not to drop a lot of money on premium seats, you may have just found one.

(H/T: Yahoo)



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