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Rush Limbaugh's Theory About the 'Insane' Left and George Zimmerman Proven True Almost Immediately


"Yeah, I don’t think so. It smells, it stinks to high heaven."

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On Monday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh theorized that the "insane" left would claim the story about George Zimmerman rescuing a family after a car accident is a hoax. "This just can’t be — Zimmerman, a hero? The Zimmerman haters are going to say that this whole thing was staged," Limbaugh said.

On Tuesday, liberal radio host Bill Press and his guests seemingly proved him right.

Press first downplayed Zimmerman's heroics, saying "I would hope that if you come across a car accident that anybody, even a murderer, would get out and help them out."

He also asked if it even mattered that he helped somebody out of a car, adding that it doesn't "erase the fact" that Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Then Press and his guests appear to go off the deep end.

"Alright, I know I'm going to get in trouble for this. Do you really think this happened?" he asked.

"No!" Peter Ogburn, executive producer of the Bill Press show, replied. "Yeah, I don’t think so. It smells, it stinks to high heaven."

Igor Volsky, managing editor of Think Progress, asked why there were no pictures or video from the accident. He also complained about the "effort to rebuild" Zimmerman's image following the not guilty verdict in his murder trial.

While some might argue that the liberal pundits were joking or not entirely serious in their conspiracy charges, you can listen to the audio and decide for yourself:

To believe that the story about Zimmerman helping at the scene of a car accident is a conspiracy, you have to accept that not just the Zimmerman family is involved, but also the police, 911 dispatchers and other officials. Keep in mind, the official police report and the 911 audio were released Monday. And these are the people who say conservatives are the conspiracy theorists?

Though he didn't name any names, because they "don't deserve it," Limbaugh addressed his now-proven theory on his radio show on Tuesday:


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