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Why Was 'Tea Party Italia' So Inspired by Glenn Beck's 'Man in the Moon' Event?


"The socialist way is one that is extremely easy to go in, but is so hard to go out."

(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook)

Though many are familiar with the Tea Party, fewer are aware than an Italian branch of the pro-limited government movement is thriving in Europe. It calls itself Tea Party Italia.

"They have nothing like it in their own country's history, and yet they understood freedom and small government," Glenn Beck said on Tuesday, reflecting on his first encounter with the group.  "And that's the secret - small government - otherwise you'll end up like Europe usually does when there's trouble, [with] fascism and totalitarianism."

Carlon Sandrin, one of the most vocal members of Tea Party Italia, joined Beck on TheBlaze TV Tuesday to speak about the movement and why he and some of his compatriots flew all the way to Salt Lake City for Beck's "Man in the Moon" event.

He said that 30,000 people in Italy have joined Tea Party Italia, and that number is growing "day by day."

They often look at America and at the "amazing" Constitution of the United States, he said, and are shocked that our leaders are seemingly trying to take us into the "socialist storm" they're trying to escape.

"The socialist way is one that is extremely easy to go in, but is so hard to go out," he warned.

When asked why members of his group went all the way to Salt Lake City for Man in the Moon, Sandrin smiled and said the event needs to be brought over to Europe.

"Because of the story," he said.  "Because this story is of course the history of America, but [it comes] from the book that everyone believes in, the holy book.  It is the same story that we have in Italy."

He continued: "I pray to God everyday that in USA you all will be able to come back like the real United States of America...that [made] Europe free just 70 years ago.  That's also why we say we want to make Italian Tea Party, because 'Tea Party' is the tribute to your [Founding Fathers] and is the tribute to all the young men that died in Normandy...[and] in the European campaign in the Second World War for give us the freedom."

Watch more of the interview with Sandrin on the impact of "Tea Party Italia," below:


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