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An Even Better Video of Shooting an AK-47 Under Slow Motion


You might remember the video of an AK-47 being shot under water in an aquarium and how the limitations of the design by Destin from the YouTube channel Smarter Everyday shattered the glass. Well, he's upped the ante, creating a camera system to allow the gun to be shot in a pool, giving you an even better view at what a bullet shot under water looks like.

With the help of TheSloMoGuys, the video shows the gun being fired at 27,450 frames per second, producing fantastic slow-motion footage.

ak-47 under water A side view of the gun being shot. (Images: YouTube screenshot)

ak-47 under water An over the shoulder view of the AK-47 being fired. (Images: YouTube screenshots)

ak-47 under water A look at the gun itself when it is fired and a view from out of the water. (Images: YouTube screenshots)

Destin discusses the physics of what happens to bubbles under water in the video (you might notice how the bubble grows after the bullet passes through the water, then collapses upon itself and then results in a series of smaller bubble "explosions").

Watch the full video to see slow-motion footage of the AK-47 being shot under water and a brief tutorial about what we're seeing happen scientifically:

(H/T: Gizmodo)



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