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The Hypocrisy Is Amazing': Independent Women's Forum Senior Fellow Weighs in on Feminist Response to Weiner Controversy


"They have lost this war on women."

File photo dated June 16, 2011 shows Rep. Anthony Weiner during his press conference in Brooklyn, New York, June 16, 2011 where he announced his decision to resign from Congress amid a growing scandal over lewd online communications. New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admitted July 23, 2013 sending lewd texts and photographs under the moniker 'Carlos Danger' to a young woman after resigning from Congress over a similar scandal. According to news website 'The Dirty,' Weiner, 48, used the name to contact the woman on Facebook and establish an online relationship with her which involved the exchange of intimate photographs. In a statement from his campaign team, Weiner confirmed that the latest allegations were substantially true but tried to present them as having been covered by his previous confession. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Gayle Trotter of the Independent Women's Forum appeared on TheBlaze TV Tuesday to discuss the Anthony Weiner controversy, specifically why women's groups have been alarmingly silent on this and certain similar issues.

Glenn Beck's fill-in host Tara Setmayer said "the hypocrisy is amazing," particularly considering the frenzy surrounding the so-called Republican "war on women" around the 2012 election, and Trotter agreed that hypocrisy is the "perfect" word for it.

"They would be out there covering this, not letting this issue die, they would be outraged about it.  But there's a reason that they don't want to attack someone who's on their side of the aisle, and it's really just that hypocrisy of - are they advancing women's interests, or are they just looking out for politicians who align with their policy issues?  And that's a real discouragement to the rest of us."

Would the reaction be the same if Weiner was a pro-life Republican, Setmayer asked?  And what about the women involved in the scandal?

"The really interesting point is that the old-school feminists have lost the war on women," Trotter said.  "Because if you look at the situation where women are doing this, in essence, to get to what they see as a powerful man, then the whole establishment feminist idea that women should succeed because they are smart, and they are strong, and all these things that men have been praised and lauded and rewarded for, it just shows that they have lost this war on women."

Watch more of the interview, below:

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