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Why Was a 5-Foot Shark Unceremoniously Dumped on a Nantucket Restaurant's Doorstep?


"Someone can get one too many beers in them and think that’s amusing."

shark at restaurant door (Photo: ap/Jimmy Agnew)

NANTUCKET, Mass. (TheBlaze/AP) — A cleaning crew found an unexpected mess after arriving at Sea Dog Brew Pub on Nantucket early Thursday morning: a 5-foot-long shark blocking the door.

Nantucket Land Shark In this photo provided by pub manager Jimmy Agnew, a dead shark lies at the entrance of the Sea Dog Brew Pub Thursday morning, Aug. 1, 2013 in Nantucket, Mass. It was not known how the shark arrived at the door of the pub. It was removed by the town's department of public works. (AP)

Pub manager Jimmy Agnew says he doesn't know why anyone would have dumped the sea creature there.

Nantucket's public works department hauled the dead shark away after its discovery around 7 a.m. Thursday.

“It’s not too often we find sharks on land like that,” John Braginton-Smith, a foreman with the department told the Boston Globe of the 150-pound shark found about 300 yards from the shoreline.

Agnew and authorities aren't sure who might have dropped the shark off there, but the pub manager did note to the Globe that two people in two separate incidents were told to leave the bar Wednesday night. It is not clear if these incidents are connected to the dumped shark.

Agnew said the pub fielded calls and questions all day long after word got out about the land shark.

He said a comedian whose band performs at the pub also posted a series of jokes about it on Facebook.

One suggested the shark went to Sea Dog "to meet his chums." Another theory of Braginton-Smith's, the Boston Globe reported, is that "someone can get one too many beers in them and think that’s amusing."

Our theory: someone got a little overzealous gearing up for shark week, which starts August 4 as an annual special on the Discovery Channel.



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