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Does Washington Post's Richard Cohen know why Huma Abedin stayed?

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Huma Abedin, wife of New York mayoral candidate and serial sexter Anthony Weiner (D), has had a rough media go as of late. One prominent columnist said Abedin's decision to stick with Weiner despite his extramarital online activities is "a setback for women."

Yet here's the always over-sharing forthcoming Richard Cohen (recall his op-ed in which he gives his thoughts on Trayvon Martin's "uniform"). In his column Tuesday he says he remembers what it was like when he was cheated on by "Linda." He stayed, too.

Why? He writes (emphasis ours):

I had always known precisely how I would react if she cheated on me. The relationship would end, swiftly, coldly, even sneeringly. My goodbye lines would be scathing, worthy of someone intending to make his living with words. But when she cried, when she begged, when she — let’s be honest here — looked so damned good, I wanted only to remain with this woman.

By a show of hands, who believes this is what happened when Abedin found out Weiner had been sexting other women?


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