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What Are Your Principles?': Glenn Beck Grills Sen. Lindsey Graham's Tea Party Challenger on Radio


"I think the biggest problem facing this country today is trust."

(Photo via Facebook)

(Photo via Facebook/Nancy Mace)

Glenn Beck, who has long been a critic of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), interviewed the woman who is running for office against the longtime senator on radio Tuesday morning.  But even though the two may agree on many issues politically, that didn't mean he wasn't going to challenge her.

The first female graduate of The Citadel military college, Nancy Mace is a small business owner, wife, and mother. She is also the daughter of Brigadier General Emory Mace.

On the Glenn Beck radio program, Beck not only asked Mace about her political stances, but about her driving principles and her soul.

When asked what she believes the biggest problem facing the nation today is, Mace responded:

"...I think the biggest problem facing this country today is trust.  I mean, do we trust this government to do what it says it's going to do?  Do we trust this government with our individual liberties to protect us?  ...We have something called the Constitution, and we're a nation of laws.  And, you know, I keep hearing that and going back to that and going back, and I look at what's happening with our tax dollars.  I look what's happening with Obamacare and I look what's happening with our individual liberties when our personal e‑mail records and phone records are being gone through with the NSA spying program.  Do you trust this government?"

When Beck asked about her "soul," Mace said:

"What I can say about my soul is that, I mean, I am founded on very specific principles and I do not waver, and I believe I'm on the right side here, on the right side of the angels.  And when I go to Washington, I'm not going to waver from that.  I mean, I have shown consistently in my life that I'm a very hard worker and I'm self‑reliant and that's what I want to bring to D.C.  I mean, I see what's happening up there and it's very frustrating."

Watch the complete interview, below:

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After the interview, Beck and his co-hosts reflected on the challenges Mace is about to confront. In their eyes, she seemed to fall back on "talking points," when what they really wanted to hear was what truly motivates her and what she truly believes.

However, they noted, they felt the same way after their first interview with Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R), whom they now consider to be "a gladiator" in Washington.

Beck reflected on his experience with retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, author of "The Lone Survivor," telling the story of how after Luttrell had "broken his back [and] was riddled with bullets," he "drew a line in the sand at the top of his helmet" and forced himself just to cross that line with his boots, over and over, walking roughly eight miles.

Beck continued: "One of [Luttrell's] SEAL buddies actually [dragged] himself four miles down the road.  He was blind because they shot him in the face. The only thing that Marcus recognized as human on his face when he saw him was his lower lip.  And when they found him, they found him four miles away from where he was.  He had [dragged] himself and they found him with an empty gun in his hand.  He was fighting blind with no chance of survival 'til the end."

"That's the candidate I want," Beck stated.  "That's the person I want. You want to be that person? Call me. You don't, you're not going to beat Lindsey Graham."

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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