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Children's Clothing Store Pulls 'Sexist' T-Shirt


"Everyone seriously needs to calm down ..."

(Photo: @AIsForOrg/Twitter)

In time for the new school year that's just around the corner children's clothier The Children's Place released a "best subjects"-themed t-shirt. Except it quickly pulled the shirt after it began seeing backlash with some calling it "sexist."

Text on the shirt read "My best subjects" with shopping, music and dancing checked off while the box next to math remains unchecked with the words "Well, nobody's perfect" in a scrolling script below.

This version of the shirt was being sold in the U.S. before The Children's Place responded to criticism and removed it from the shelves. (Photo: @AIsForOrg/Twitter)

A is For Advocating Women's Rights tweeted their discontent about the shirt Monday.

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/AIsForOrg/status/364483495046815746"]

Backlash ensued.

the childrens place shirt backlash A look at just a couple of the comments on The Chidren's Place's Facebook page. (Image: Facebook)

The Children's Place quickly responded to those who were upset by the shirt.

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/childrensplace/status/364551060326588417"]

But some on the clothing store's Facebook page think some of the negativity around the shirt went too far.

"Apologizing to a bunch of attention seeking insecure nit wits? The normal people aren't going into a tail spin over the shirt. It’s a kids shirt; buy it or don’t," Stephen Edward Olschewske wrote.

Candice Shields seconded this sentiment writing, "If you don't like the shirt don't buy it. [...]Don't tell me what I can and cant [sic] buy for my kids."

"Everyone seriously needs to calm down about this subjects tshirt. It is just a tshirt seriously calm down, and it is not sexist, there are many tshirts for boys that have the same idea as this one. Does the tshirt say that girls are bad at math? No it doesnt [sic]," Peter Karejwa also wrote on the Facebook page.

Tiffany Anderson Kidd wrote on the store's Facebook page that based on the negative response, it seems "like some people can't take a joke."

Interestingly enough, April Kendall posted a similar shirt from the store that she purchased in Canada.

the childrens place shirt This version of the shirt one woman said she purchased from the store in Canada. (Photo via Facebook)

Julie Hill Reulbach commented on the photo saying, "So, they amended the shirt to make only US girls stupid. I guess they assume US girls would not buy it if it said they liked math."

(H/T: Boston Globe)



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