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Here's the Sign Beck Thinks Should Be in 'Every Establishment in San Diego


"We believe women should be treated with respect."

Glenn Beck has been suggesting for several weeks that San Diego business owners put signs in their storefronts saying they will not serve Mayor Bob Filner because of his alleged mistreatment and abuse of women.

Beck has now created what he believes is the ideal sign, saving residents the trouble of creating one of their own.

"I think this sign should be in every establishment in San Diego," Beck declared on his radio show Wednesday, urging residents not to let a "sexual predator...get away with" such deplorable reported behavior.

"Put it on your windows. Take a stand. Take a stand for being a better person," Beck said.  "Take a stand for treating women with respect."

In addition to clicking on the photo above for a larger version, readers can also click on either link below for a high-quality PDF or JPEG of the sign:



"You may not be for women if it goes against your political stand, but we are," Beck said.  "And don't think that I won't change this name from the mayor of San Diego to whoever else it is if they're a Republican. You're damn right I will."

Watch the entire segment below:

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