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Would You Watch an NSA-Inspired Reality Show?


"You're not afraid? I'll show you why you should be afraid."

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For all the individuals who say they have no problem with domestic surveillance programs because they're not doing anything wrong, Glenn Beck has an idea for a new television program that might better illustrate "why you should be afraid" of the government having such power.

"I'd like to do a reality show [for six months] where I monitor [all] of your emails, all of your phones, everything. I see into your bedroom because I can turn on your iPad, your computer at any time..." Beck said. "We decide what you've done wrong. We'll show you how it works.  I can make you into anything..."

Not only that, Beck said: "You're going to grant me access to your doctors, [all] of your employee files, your children's doctors, your psychiatrist, or your psychologist, or your children's psychiatrist or psychologist -- you're going to give me access to all of it, and I'm going to be able to turn on your phone without you even knowing it..."

Beck said he would make it clear at the outset that you are innocent, but at the end of just six months, he is pretty sure he could "put you in jail" if he wanted to, whether it's by making it look like you committed the crime, or actually finding an infraction in our countless pages of laws and regulations (the tax code alone is over 70,000 pages).

Failing that, it's almost certain there would be a conversation, a video, a record of some exchange that is not illegal, but that you just don't want publicized.  Maybe it's just embarrassing, or maybe it would destroy your reputation.

"I'll use the facts in your life," Beck stated. "I may not be able to bring [all the material] out to the entire public, but I"ll have a secret court -- a group of people that you don't know in some place that you don't know exists -- and I'll ask them their opinion and they'll rule on your life."

But let's say you trust the program -- you just don't trust it in Glenn Beck's hands.

"You trust me less than [countless] faceless bureaucrats, that you have no idea who they are?" Beck demanded.  He proceeded to ask whether you would trust the program in Lawrence O'Donnell's hands. If you're still uneasy, Beck wants to know: "Who do you think are the people running these organizations?"

Beck's co-host Stu Burguiere noted for the people who "would never do something like that," that they already are.

And if you think the government wouldn't use all the information they've gathered against you, Beck pointed out that they have already been proven to do so, from the IRS to the DEA.

"Are you afraid that I might expose some things?" Beck asked in a taunting voice.  "Or that I might hurt your reputation, or make your life miserable, or just [expose] a conversation that is completely innocent...?  You just don't want me in your bedroom?  I thought that was no big deal, because you're not doing anything wrong?"

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