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Glenn Beck and Radio Co-Hosts Can't Help But Laugh at Keith Olbermann's 'Pathetic' Interview This Weekend


"It was such a sad performance because here's a guy who had such a huge ego..."

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Glenn Beck and his radio co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere couldn't help but laugh on Monday while listening to Craig Ferguson's recent interview with Keith Olbermann on "The Late Late Show."

"It was such a sad performance because here's a guy who had such a huge ego that it was always going to go on...[Olbermann] was always in trouble because he was so arrogant," Beck began.

"Oh, every job he's ever been at in his entire career has ended in disaster where everyone who he worked with hates him," Burguiere agreed.

They then played the audio of Ferguson asking Olbermann about his newly-acquired "purse dog," Ferguson asking: "What happened to you, man?  Why did you get a tiny little dog?  Why didn't you get, like, a regular American dog?  You got a tiny little Maltese dog?  What the hell?"

Watch the original interview courtesy of Newbusters, below:

“That’s great," Gray said with a laugh. "You got this foreigner asking him, ‘Why the hell didn’t you get an American dog?  A real dog?  And at first [Olbermann] claims not to even know what kind of dog it is and then he’s forced to admit it’s a Maltese.”

The group then imagined Olbermann going home to watch the interview with his tiny pet -- "because you know he turns on his [TV] appearances for his dog," Burguiere asserted -- and the dog realizing "he's ashamed of me!"

Beck expressed a surprising amount of compassion for someone who once called him a "seriously disturbed human being" and labeled him "the worst person in the world."

"Remember when he went away, nobody liked him. Nobody on the left liked him. I mean, nobody really has ever liked him," Beck said. "I feel bad..."

Burguiere was less compassionate, adding: "Sad and pathetic are often used in concert. I would say here pathetic is probably more applicable, right? I mean, it's just pathetic. He's just a pathetic, pathetic man."

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