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Follow-up: Questions remain after California parents were forced to hand baby over to police

Anna and Alex Nikolayev with their baby, Sammy. (Photo: Facebook/Bring Sammy Home)

The frightening case of the Nikolayev family gripped the entire nation earlier this year after the California couple had their 5-month-old baby "snatched" by police officers in their home. As you might recall, Anna and Alex Nikolayev sought a second opinion for their son Sammy's medical treatment in April. That's when authorities were called in to investigate possible child neglect and the terrifying ordeal was captured on tape as police stormed into the Nikolayev's home and demanded they hand over their baby boy.

Four months later, Reason.TV revisits the case with a specific look at the secrecy in which child protective services often operates and how this unchecked power leads to corruption and abuse. They also examine how the system is set up in a way that actually encourages the removal of children from their homes because such action generates increased funding for the government agency.


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