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(Updated) Herman Cain's CainTV is no more

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While there's technically a that's still up and running, it isn't the CainTV that was envisioned by former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Launched in July last year, Cain TV was supposed to be a place to find "commentary, comedy, or culture." The Facebook group's description: "CainTV delivers it all in an Informed, Inspirational, and INtertaining way."

That Facebook group no longer exists.

The shows that were once streamed on the site, one of which featured a homeless man who was actually dead when they ran, are gone, save the video commentaries by Cain himself. The rest of the content consists mostly of blog posts submitted by an array of contributors.

The contact phone number provided on the site doesn't work but we filled out the online form to get official comment on that status of CainTV.

CainTV follows a long line of Cain projects that never seemed to actually pan out, most of which were little more than website landing pages that solicited donations for the former candidate.

Cain, however, still has a syndicated radio program and is a contracted Fox News contributor.

Update: A few hours after this post was published, Dan Calabrese, editor in chief CainTV, contacted TheBlaze via email to explain that he did not receive our request for comment and pointed out that the phone number on the website is out of date. It was mistakenly left up during a redesign of the site. Calabrese also offered up a wealth information on the status of CainTV, now branded "Best of Cain." We'll have more on this tomorrow...


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