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Watch What Happens After Husband Chases Down Hong Kong National Who Punched His Wife, 78, Over Her Anti-Abortion Sign
(Credit: Dan Holman via YouTube)

Watch What Happens After Husband Chases Down Hong Kong National Who Punched His Wife, 78, Over Her Anti-Abortion Sign

"Listen, you and I both know why he did it. He doesn't like the sign."

Think it's odd that a 30-year-old male Hong Kong national punched a 78-year-old female abortion protestor in the back, then calmly walked down the street without uttering a word?

Just wait until you watch the video of what happened after the assault in Iowa City.

But first, let's review what we know so far.

Man Chun John Ma stands 6-feet 1-inches and weighs 200 pounds, hails from Hong Kong, and is a graduate student in the genetics program at the University of Iowa.

According to Donna Holman, she was holding an anti-abortion sign near a Planned Parenthood office on Wednesday morning when the man approached her from behind and struck her in the shoulder.

(Credit: Dan Holman via YouTube)

The blow knocked her forward, Holman said, causing her to drop literature she'd been holding, and Ma continued walking down the street, never saying a thing.

Holman immediately activated her walkie-talkie and called her husband Dan, who was protesting about two blocks away. Dan Holman turned on his video camera and tracked down Ma, filming his verbal confrontation with the remarkably placid perp until police arrived.

When a winded Holman asks Ma if he hit is wife, Ma replies on camera, "Sorry about that...I know I'm in trouble." Later he admits to the arresting officer, "I did punch her...that was probably wrong."

Man Chun John Ma (Credit: Dan Holman via YouTube)

When Holman angrily tells Ma that his wife is "a 78-year-old woman!" Ma replies, "She doesn't look like it!"

Holman kept the video running even after police arrived and chatted with the arresting officer, who injected his personal beliefs into the altercation.

"Listen, you and I both know why he did it," the officer tells Holman on camera. "He doesn't like the sign. I personally don't like the sign...he was extremely offended by the sign...you're looking to provoke an extreme reaction with that. I don't have a problem with what you're doing; I don't like it...but that doesn't mean that what he did was okay."

(Credit: Dan Holman via YouTube)

According to the complaint, Ma admitted to the arresting officer that he indeed hit Holman in the back with his hand. The reason? He "found the idea of being anti-abortion strange," adding that he knew his actions were wrong and he shouldn't have hit Holman.

Ma was charged with a "serious misdemeanor count of assault causing bodily injury," according to the Press-Citizen. He was released from Johnson County Jail on $1,000 bond Wednesday and is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 11, according to court data.

Holman, a pro-life sidewalk counselor who said Planned Parenthood secured a restraining order against her for speaking too loudly near their office, says she wasn't seriously injured. "It hurt when he first hit me," she told TheBlaze. "Then he kept on walking."

Donna Holman (Credit: Dan Holman via YouTube)

The Holmans have been protesting abortion for four decades, according to Dan Holman, saying they're with Missionaries to the Pre-Born Iowa. He added that they've been assaulted many times over the years, which is why they use walkie talkies and carry video cameras.

"People have beat on us, dumped water on us, slashed our signs with knives," Dan Holman told TheBlaze, adding that their foes "think nothing of hurting a stranger."

TheBlaze reached out to the University of Iowa's spokesperson Tom Moore, who stated that the university is aware of Ma's assault arrest. He said that policy dictates that students involved in criminal incidents meet with the Dean of Students who reviews the incident to determine if any violation of university policy has occurred. Further action can be taken at that time, Moore added.

(Credit: Dan Holman via YouTube)

"Any impact on [Ma's] immigration status as a result of the university student-conduct process would not be determined until the investigation is complete and any potential sanctions imposed," Moore said in a statement.

Here's raw video shot by Dan Holman, which includes him chasing down Ma, confronting him, keeping him at detained until police arrive, and subsequent discussion with Ma and the arresting officer. (Holman acknowledges that there are several inaccurate time stamps but doesn't know how to control them):

Editor's note: The video in this post suggests Man Chun John Ma is a graduate student at Iowa State University; however, he appears to be a student at the University of Iowa.

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)



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