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Absolutely Disgusting': Blaze Readers React to 88-Year-Old WWII Vet Brutally Beaten in Parking Lot


"R.I.P Shorty. Sadly, this is not the same America you fought for"

Delbert Belton, 88, died from his injuries after he was beaten in a parking lot in Spokane, Wash. (Image source: KHQ-TV)

Delbert Belton (Credit: KHQ )

TheBlaze posted a story this week about two teenagers accused of savagely beating an 88-year-old World War II veteran in a parking lot in Spokane, Wash. Delbert Belton later died in the hospital. Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the story:


This great man sacrificed his life providing freedom for these two ungrateful turds. This heinous and pointless violence sickens my heart. May Delbert Belton be remembered for his service and bravery; may he rest in peace.


I heard about this first on The Mark Levin Show, too. I teared up when he played all of the military theme songs as a tribute to this man. This story makes me crazy….thinking about how this man stepped up in WWII to fight for this country when it REALLY counted, only to be stepped on like a bug and snuffed out! Can’t help wondering how the story would read if he was carrying and managed to shoot these animals before they got him.


R.I.P Shorty. Sadly, this is not the same America you fought for; evil people are now protected by an evil media here that is led by a corrupt fabricated leader. This media will be sure to minimize, if not ignore this horrible atrocity, and sleep well at night; that’s the way it is now in this America. Many of us are feeling brokenhearted and will pray for you Shorty and will not forget you.


As a vet myself I’d like to see these two examples of perversion be sentenced to the largest US Veterans hospital…with their only job being cleaning toilets, bedpans, and sheets 8 hrs. a day. And they can only be eligible for parole when they have satisfied to the VA that they consider their job “an honor” to perform.


He survived Okinawa, but not the streets of Spokane…speaks volumes.

Rest in Peace.


This is absolutely disgusting. How could any person beat an old man to death? These kids’ parents need to go to jail with them, for raising such monsters and foisting them on society.


I have trouble finding the words.

This man didn’t deserve this, not by a long shot.

The animals that did it deserve much, much worse. It’s a damn shame the good people of this nation share oxygen with these kinds of despicable, worthless human beings. I hope, for once, justice is swift and severe.

I’ll pray for Mr. Belton. And I’ll pray he and his wife are reunited. RIP, sir. What you did for your country still means an awful lot to some of us. You deserved so much better.


That makes three people murdered like this: this poor old man, the baseball player in Iowa, and some poor guy in Memphis who was shot to death leaving work as a nurse. One thing they all had in common: they were killed by black teens for thrills or because of Trayvon.


You cannot blame all black people for these teens' behavior just like you cannot say all whites are neo-Nazis or KKK members. Unfortunately many people believe “it takes a village” to raise a child and expect everyone else to raise and pay for them...but no teaching of respect, morals, simple manners, etc. It takes a parent, without government interference, to raise and teach and instill values.


Here is the problem – as this continues, when you see a young African-American between the ages of 15 and 35, you HAVE TO consider that the odds of you being assaulted by said individual (or individuals) goes up and off the charts compared to almost every other race/class/gender/age of person(s). That is completely unfair to the majority of decent, respectful African-American kids out there. But even with those kids, if you are wearing baggy pants, hat on sideways, wife-beater T-shirt, the alarm bells for any rational person should be going off – and what happens if you shoot that person in “self-defense” just because they were walking toward you in a “menacing manner”? That seems completely unreasonable and unjustifiable . . . until the defense attorneys start showing the jury all of the black-on-white crime statistics, recent black-on-white violence in the area, etc. The defense attorneys may not get an acquittal, but they can likely find at least a few jurors who “can relate” based on all of the violence coming from such a small minority of the population. Sad.


STOP IT WITH THE RACIST COMMENTS. There I said it. I’m half-white. I’ve experienced pain from both white and black people. Heck, I’ve even experienced hate from Asians and Hispanics. With that being said – we’re all human.

I think its sad to listen to grown adults call someone of another race animals and someone even said rats. I bet if a couple of white kids were the ones who killed this guy, people would simply say “oh, they had a mental disorder” or it wouldn’t even be given the time of day because both parties are white. And what if both parties were black? A black person killing a black person? It happens almost every day, but yet no one is talking about it. Because people get the most ticked off when its people of two different races.

And by the way, for those of you who say “take them back to their native land,” if you’re white, give the U.S. back to the Native Americans, because your people aren’t from here either – that is being said from someone who has Korean, Native American, German, Irish, Polish, Prussian, Russian, French, and British ancestry.

No one is 100% white and no one is 100% black if you live in the United States unless you’re specifically from that particular country and can trace it back. And even then, if you're a Christian, we all come literally from the same place.

That said, it’s such a tragic incident, and I hope the guilty get their just punishment.


Dear President Obama:

Since you seem to like to inject yourself into racial hate crimes, I am waiting for you to have a press conference and tell America how this WWII war veteran could look like your grandfather. Remember, the white man who raised you?


To: The Parents of the Two Black Thug Savages Who Murdered Delbert Belton

You are bad parents. I mean really bad. You obviously did not teach your savage children any respect for elders or human life. Do you realize that your little “angels” just beat to death an old defenseless WWII combat veteran? How low you have raised these children to do such a thing. What kind of animals did you raise? Are you animals yourselves? You must be to turn out animals like this.

This is quite beyond anything I can think of to know that this man left the Eagle’s Lodge in Spokane at 8 pm just to be beaten to death by the little savages you raised.

Hang your head in shame. Don’t bother telling anyone when the news comes out that “my son could never have done this” because it is obvious you have no clue what your son is capable of and never did. Did you think he was in his room doing his homework at 8pm? No. He was out beating to death an old man.

Your sons will be caught. They will be tried as adults. All you have to do is tell the news that you are a bad parent. That you did not watch them like you should have. That you did not attend to their upbringing like you should of and that it is your fault for raising two savages.

But I bet you won’t say that. I bet you won’t take responsibility for your savage sons. Just like they will deny they savagely murdered an old man in a parking lot.



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