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Heartbreaking Video of Toddler Being Bullied Leaves Father 'Disgusted': 'Hit Her Hard and Slap Her


"Watch me beat up this little kid."

(Source: LiveLeak screen shot)

You may have seen the disturbing footage, and now there are some answers.

Recently, there's been a video going around showing a heartbreaking scene -- a toddler who seems to play with a group of kids only to be bullied at the encouragement of an older kid off screen. Many wondered how this could happen and where the parents of the children were in the situation and if the parents knew what happened. Now the parents are speaking out.

The video, which has hundreds of thousands views, starts with a young girl sitting on a plastic bike as two slightly older girls yell at her.

"...you ugly," they yell in unison.

toddler bullied A toddler being bullied by two slightly older girls and filmed by a boy some claim was 12 years old. (Image via LiveLeak video screenshot)

"And don't follow us again," one of the girls, who turns out to be 5 years old, continues and seems to spit in the 3-year-old's face. The other grabs the toddler's hand and starts hitting her with it.

"Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself?" the boy filming, later identified as 12 years old, asks.

When the other girl bully joins in the hitting, the toddler begins to wail.

"Shut up man," a boy says.

"Watch me beat up this little kid," another boy chimes in.

The bullies leave the girl in the street on her bike while she cries sadly. A few seconds later, the movie elapses and the girl is off her bike and has stopped crying. She attempts to play with the older girls again but one of them says "hit her hard and slap her head like this."

toddler bullied The littler girl still wanted to play later but the cruelty continued. (Image via LiveLeak video screenshot)

Still, the toddler seems to be trying to share a toy or treat that she has in her hands. The boy filming, though, coaxes one of the older girls to "throw it on the ground." She complies, leading the little girl to cry and run after the item while the other kids laugh. The bullying doesn't end there as the older girls go over to the younger, who is now kneeling on the ground, and begin hitting her.

Just as the video ends with one of the girls pushing the toddler over, the boy filming says "stop y'all."

The video went viral on LiveLeak and was even tipped numerous times to us by Blaze readers.

LiveLeak associated the video with the Facebook account of someone named Ray Wright (that account has since been taken offline). A screenshot shows Wright initially posted the video last week naming it "when white people piss of black people part 1." Another screenshot supposedly taken from Wright's page before it was deactivated shows him holding a loaded gun.

toddler bullied The video seems to have initially been posted to Facebook and was later uploaded to LiveLeak. Some commenting on the screenshot taken from Wright's Facebook page criticize the bullies. (Image via Imgur)

Here's the disturbing video:

After the video went viral, the parents of the children were identified and said they began receiving many calls from outraged viewers from across the country, according to KMSP-TV in the Minneapolis area.

The 3-year-old's father, Shawn, told the local news station he is "disgusted" with the incident and noted he didn't even know it had happened until the father of the other children came to apologize.

And he said he believes the father of the other children, Eddie, is a good dad and is taking care of the situation in his house.

As for his children's actions, Eddie said that behavior is not something that is taught or allowed in his home.

"I honestly don't know where it comes from. We don't teach that in our household," Eddie told KMSP. "We're not racist, none of that."

The dads also noted that their children frequently play together -- and get along. As the video shows and Eddie confirmed, the 5 year old girls were being coached by the older boy into bullying the 3 year old.

"He's punished and getting dealt with," Eddie said. "Internet, everything -- privileges taken away. We're dealing with it as a family."

Watch KMSP's report showing the family's reactions to the viral video:




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