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NBC News Reporter: Obama May Bypass Congress on Syria Action to Avoid Delay, Hearing 'No' from 'Isolationists


President Barack Obama. (Getty Images)

President Barack Obama may take action on Syria without explicit congressional approval because seeking authorization from U.S. lawmakers may take too long and they may say "no," NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd said Tuesday.

He explained that the president may choose to avoid Congress over Syria because “isolationists” in both the Democratic and Republican parties would block the White House’s attempt to intervene in the war torn country.

The NBC News correspondent added that so long as American involvement in Syria is quick, the White House believes it will be immune from criticisms it violated the War Powers Act.

“Oh, by the way, it would delay any potential action,” the NBC News reporter said. “If you believe you’ve got to do this in a certain period of time to save lives because you’re trying to make sure he doesn’t use chemical weapons again, then you’re sort of defeating the purpose of the quick action.”

Obviously, Todd’s claim raises some serious concerns.

“So, Obama isn't asking Congress for permission in case ‘isolationists’ say no,” National Review’s Charles C. W. Cook writes. “Let's see how that works in other environments.”

Cooke imagines a few possible scenarios:

  • I won't ask Congress for permission to raise taxes because low-tax advocates might say no.
  • I won't ask Congress for permission to increase spending because small-government advocates might say no.
  • I won't ask Congress for permission to nationalize an industry I want to nationalize because free marketeers might say no.

“Do you know who talks like this?” Cooke asks. “Kings. This isn't just a pre-1776 attitude, it's a pre-Glorious Revolution Britain attitude.”


(H/T: Mediaite). Featured image Getty Images.

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