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Nancy Pelosi: Nah, I don't want to be Speaker again

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused Republicans of taking food from "the mouths of children" in a statement on Tuesday. (AFP/Getty Images)

The National Journal spoke with the always-humble Pelosi who insists she's risen above the political fray and has no ambition to be Speaker of the House again:

National Journal: Be honest: Are you kind of dreading heading back to Congress, just to go through the same debt-ceiling fights and budget battles?

Pelosi: I never dread going back to Congress. There's no greater privilege than representing the people of my district, on the floor of the Congress. So, no, not dread. I do wish it could be different. There's no reason we can't be coming to some agreements. It just keeps happening over and over again. [...]

NJ: It’s become something of a pastime in D.C. for people to feel bad for Speaker John Boehner for having an unwieldy caucus. Do you feel for him?

Pelosi: I don’t comment on their caucus, their leadership, or the rest of it. He’s the speaker of the House. I respect the job. The position that he holds is a very exalted one. I wish his members would respect his position as much as I do. But if the purpose of your call is for me to get in sniping at the Republicans on how they do their business, I will talk about how it affects the American people.

NJ: Do you want to be speaker again?

Pelosi: No, that’s not my thing. I did that.

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