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Too Lazy to Tow? Poor Paving Jobs That Actually 'Could've Been Worse' (UPDATED)

Twitter user with the handle @ChangeInLibya posted this photo online slugged "Libya" (Image: Twitter)

It seems Libya may have some really enthusiastic street crews. A photo loaded to Twitter over the weekend - if authentic - reflects some of this creative handiwork.

A Twitter user with the handle @ChangeInLibya posted a photo of a parked car that road crews seemingly couldn’t be bothered to tow. They instead decided to lay the asphalt around it. (Update: One helpful reader tells us that the photo below was posted last year on another site which stated that it was captured in India.)

Twitter user with the handle @ChangeInLibya posted this photo online slugged "Libya" (Image: Twitter)

One comment said it "could've been worse..."

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/ghepeu/status/373594826022739968"]

But it’s always advisable to exercise skepticism when viewing photos posted to social media. For example, another funny photo allegedly from Libya was uploaded last week, suggesting a second case of a wild asphalt job.

One user posted this photo and wrote, “In #Libya, speed bumps are made on sidewalks too because many cars tend to drive there.”

This photo was posted to Twitter on August 26, with a tagline suggesting it was taken in Libya (Image source: Twitter)

Upon closer examination, however, it doesn’t look like the image in question is of a speed bump installed on a sidewalk, funny as that might be. It looks more like the crew was filling in a hole on both sides of the road after underground work and got asphalt on the median as they were pouring in a straight line. In the background, it looks like workers already flattened the bump on the far side of the road, suggesting it's a work in progress rather than the final product.

TheBlaze is unable to verify if the photos were really taken in Libya or when they were taken (so forgive us if they were photographed elsewhere and if we’re baselessly besmirching Libyan road crews).

This post has been updated.

(H/T: Sultan Al Qassemi)



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