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How Can the Issues Facing Black America Be Remedied? Conservative Panel Weighs In


"The first thing is, you don't do it from a government standpoint."

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Syndicated columnist and political commentator Star Parker appeared as a guest host on the Glenn Beck Program Thursday, asking what can be done to best remedy the challenges facing the black community today.

Parker was joined by Marc Little, a lawyer and the author of The Prodigal Republican, Scott Turner, a state representative from Texas, Katrina Pierson of the Dallas Tea Party, and T.W. Shannon, the Oklahoma Speaker of the House. Each of the guests presented their own stories, and how they came to be black conservatives, before plunging into a discussion of the economic issues facing the community.

Watch the panelists discuss their moving backgrounds, below:

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Turning to a discussion of economics, Parker remarked: "I'm wondering about black mobility and prosperity...There must be something that can be done about African Americans' economic prospects and progress.  What do we do to brighten this?  Is there an opportunity for personal retirement accounts and social security?  Would that help at all?"

She turned to Rep. T.W. Shannon for the answer, who promptly replied: "The first thing is, you don't do it from a government standpoint...You have to first recognize what has worked for the rest of the country, for the rest of the world.  The system that has gotten more people out of generational poverty has been our system of promoting job growth, the free market system.  Start a business.  We have too many African Americans working for government, frankly..."

Marc Little added that there are several other factors contributing to the economic situation confronting black Americans, citing in particular the rate at which infants are being born out of wedlock.

The discussion also hit issues like affirmative action and a lack of leadership, before Parker brought the issue back to the family.

"The first leader is in the home," she pointed out.  "The first leader is the dad, an example to the family to get up to put his hands to do something.  So I'm wondering now again, can we reverse this trend?  It's not enough to say...who is going to be out there to say, 'Hey, you guys, take some risks,' without first working on this home problem."

Watch the entire clip, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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