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Man Says Cops Violently Beat, 'Tortured' & Jailed Him For Two Days Before Eventually Releasing Him With No Charges


They kept tasing me until I finally passed out.”

A California man is alleging that police officers in California threw him in jail, beat him and stripped him of his clothes before releasing him with no charges two days later.

David Scott Byrket told the New York Daily News he feared for his life as members of the Kern County Sheriff's Department reportedly "tortured" him for hours.

"They told me they were going to kill me," Bryket said. "There were multiple officers involved, it was scary."

David Byrket David Byrket alleges deputies repeatedly beat him in jail. (Credit: David Byrket / New York Daily News)

According to Bryket, the incident started on April 21 at 9:30 a.m. when his allegedly intoxicated son called authorities to report an argument Bryket was engaged in with his wife. Within minutes deputies were reportedly at their residence and had placed Bryket under arrest.

Bryket's son, David, later told the New York Daily News that he was in fact under the influence of alcohol when he dialed 911 and "made a huge mistake."

Bryket says minutes after being placed in a squad car deputies pulled over and beat him endlessly.

“They pulled over, opened the door, and started kicking me in the side and on my leg for no reason," he said. "They kept tasing me until I finally passed out.”

David Byrket Byrket says deputies stomped on his feet with their boots. (Credit: David Byrket / New York Daily News)

The beating allegedly didn't stop once he was taken to jail.

At a prison in Bakersfield, Bryket says officers kicked him in his head, stripped him naked and transferred him to a solitary cell. Over the next 24-36 hours, he says he was beaten repeatedly.

Then, according to Bryket, he was suddenly given a set of clothes, taken to court and told he would not have to appear before a judge.

A spokesperson for the Kern County Sheriff's Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday night from TheBlaze.

However, a spokesperson for the department told the New York Daily News after Byrket filed a complaint they launched an investigation that is still active.

Photos of the alleged beating were posted online by the New York Daily News and purport to show the abuse inflicted upon Bryket. A medical examination reportedly showed he had suffered "multiple right-sided rib fractures."

David Byrket A bruise purports to show an injury allegedly inflicted by officers on Byrket. (Credit: David Byrket / New York Daily News)

Bryket's wife Zina said she was in shock after picking her husband up from jail.

“He was so bent over, and he was moving very slowly,” she said. “I lifted his shirt and I saw a big bruise on his side," she said. "He looked like he'd been run over. I started crying, I just lost it."

While Byrket told the New York Daily News he will "never call any kind of law enforcement again," it is unclear whether he will file a lawsuit against the Kern County Sheriff's Department.

Byrket could not be reached for comment Wednesday night by TheBlaze.

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