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Syria 'another poisoned fruit of the Bush years

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In case you were under the impression that after five years, George W. Bush has finally vanished from the news media's conscious in terms of what he's responsible for...

New York Times' Timothy Egan is here to remind you otherwise:

A war-weary public that can turn an eye from children being gassed — or express doubt that it happened — is another poisoned fruit of the Bush years. And for the nearly 200 members of both houses of Congress who voted on the Iraq war in 2002 and are still in office and facing a vote this month, Bush shadows them like Scrooge’s ghost.

Bush isn't, however, entirely left out to dry. On CNN this week, Jake Tapper commented on Bush's ability to garner more international support in the "war on terror" than President Obama has been able to do in the U.S.'s potential military strike on Syria.


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