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What Percentage of Harvard's Freshman Class Say They Are Still Virgins?

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65-percent of Harvard University's incoming freshman class proclaim to still be virgins, according to a new online study conducted by the school's official school newspaper.

"They scored well on the SATs, but it appears Harvard freshmen aren't quite as good at scoring in bed," wrote The Crimson, basing their results on a survey of 1,311 students during the month of August.

The Crimson then broke down their results even further, noting that 81-percent "of those who have done the deed" said they lost their virginity in high school.

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Oddly enough, the results concluded that students attending private school were more likely than public school students to have had sex prior to their freshman college year.

"Forty percent of private school students said they lost their virginity before Harvard, compared to 33 percent of public school students, 18 percent of charter school students, and one of six homeschooled students," wrote The Crimson.

Additionally, freshman respondents who identified as homosexual or bisexual were more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to have had sex.

"Forty-five percent of homosexuals and 56 percent of bisexuals reported having sex versus 35 percent of heterosexuals," said The Crimson. "Of those freshmen who say that they are questioning their sexuality, only 20 percent said they have had sex."

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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