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‘Hey, Shut Up!’: Football Coach Explodes on Media Member After 'Unbelievable' Act of 'Disrespect' During Emotional News Conference


"Don't tell me to go on! I'll go on when I'm ready to go on!"


UCLA coach Jim Mora held an emotional news conference Monday to provide his thoughts on the death of walk-on wide receiver Nick Pasquale, who died after being hit by a car early Sunday morning.

Mora was in the middle of telling media exactly what Pasquale meant to the UCLA football team when a television "technician" answered his phone. Taking it as a sign of disrespect, Mora lost it.

"Hey, shut up!” Mora shouted at the media member while staring daggers at him. "The disrespect of some people is just unbelievable, man. Just unbelievable."


After a period of silence, the "technician" told Mora to "go on" with his comments. But that only made the head coach more angry.

"Don't tell me to go on! I'll go on when I'm ready to go on! Why don't you take your butt out of here if you are going to be disrespectful," Mora added.

The offending media member apologized for upsetting the coach, but it was too late. More ended the news conference, telling reporters he had "nothing to say" as he exited.

Mora reportedly later finished the press conference on Nick Pasquale, providing heartbreaking details on how the team is dealing with the loss of a teammate:

(H/T: Yahoo! Sports)


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