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Ron Paul Launches K-12 Homeschooling Curriculum Focusing on Liberty and Self-Discipline


"Have a mastery of the foundations of liberty."

Former US Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) speaks at George Washington University March 4, 2013 in Washington, DC. Paul spoke at the event organized by student Republicans about his experience in the US government as well as liberties and fiscal policy. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Ron Paul may no longer be representing Texas in the U.S. Congress, but he does have a fascinating new project: A homeschooling curriculum for children of all ages. Using his worldview as the basis of the educational program, Paul has launched RonPaulCurriculum.com, a project that pledges to teach students "the basics of Western Civilization and Western liberty."

In addition to geography, the self-guided curriculum will instruct students on history, mathematics, science, economics and, of course, the U.S. Constitution. A description of the project is overwhelmingly positive, as it pledges to teach young people how America can -- and will -- be reclaimed to encompass and tout its intended values.

Former Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul speaks at George Washington University, March 4, 2013 in Washington, D.C. (Getty Images)

There's also something in the Ron Paul Curriculum that might add additional appeal to parents and guardians: The opportunity to learn valuable lessons along with their children.

"I invite parents to take courses and participate on forums -- to get the education they never had," Paul states on the curriculum's official website. "Parents do not pay for the individual courses that they purchase for their children."

Here's more about how the program works:

A student who goes through this curriculum, kindergarten through high school, will have a mastery of the foundations of liberty. There is no other curriculum on the Web to match it.

It does not assign textbooks. This saves families a lot of money. Textbooks cost a great deal of money. Almost all of the materials are free: toner and paper only. The few exceptions are modern novels and a few classic books on liberty, such as Hayek's The Road to Serfdom.

The curriculum is mostly self-taught. If a student gets stuck, he can get help from other students on the course Q&A forums. Older students serve as tutors for younger students. They learn by teaching, which is a great way to master any new field.

A video by Dr. Gary North, the director of curriculum development for RonPaulCurriculum.com, explains what's involved in the program:

Kindergarten through grade five are tuition-free, which offers families on a budget a fascinating and affordable education option; higher grades do have associated costs, which can be found on the official Ron Paul Curriculum website.

For those who have qualms about Paul's worldview, the program may not be for them. That said, his fans -- especially those with children -- will likely rejoice at the opportunity to see the former presidential candidate's views integrated into a curriculum.

While RonPaulCurriculum.com is up and running, the entire website won't be complete until late 2015, but some courses are already up and running and available to the public.



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