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Piers Morgan Takes His Anti-Gun Rhetoric to New Heights


"I'll get 100 blind people to fire away at targets around you."

CNN host and outspoken anti-gun advocate Piers Morgan took to Twitter on Thursday to criticize a new Iowa law that allows the legally and completely blind to receive gun permits. To help make his point, he suggested that "100 blind people" fire at targets around conservative radio hosts Dana Loesch and Ben Ferguson – which would likely result in their demise.


Both conservative personalities argued that denying blind people the right to own firearms violates the Second Amendment. Ferguson also took the opportunity to jab at the CNN host.

"[That's] the same as a blind person on their own home when someone is kicking in the door," Ferguson replied sarcastically. "I have seen you shoot before and I would not trust you from 5 feet away."

Loesch had the audacity to ask Morgan for some actual gun crime statistics, which only made him more "hysterical."

(Twitter, screengrab via Mediaite)

Morgan did not reply with any facts or statistics:


(H/T: Mediaite)


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