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Whhhy?!': The Alleged Call Center Meltdown That Words Can't Describe (GRAPHIC)


"The company would not be happy that I'm doing this."

The customer meltdown in this supposedly authentic service call could be one of the craziest things we have ever heard.

The caller is apparently frustrated that his unidentified security systems company has been unable to help him with an issue, according to Gawker.

The meltdown was purportedly triggered by his getting bumped from one support staff member to the next. In fact, if you listen to the audio, it sounds like the customer was passed around to three different representatives.

The caller says he was told to contact a woman named Michelle. But she had apparently gone home for the day.

So he decided to keep calling around to get in touch with the woman he was told could help him with his issue.

That’s when he reaches Mark, the call center worker you’ll hear below. That’s also when the customer completely loses it.

“I am your worst nightmare,” the enraged customer manages to stutter. “I’ve been on the phone for three hours trying to reach [Michelle] and every time I call that go**amn number I get your department!”

“And none of you know what the f**k I’m talking about!” he rages. “What kind of a go**amn situation is this?”

The call center worker tries unsuccessfully to calm the customer down.

“I need to be transferred to Michelle,” the extremely irate customer continues, “if there’s no Michelle, then you people are going to get sued and not to mention I might go ballistic and come over there with a machine gun.”

“I don’t have one, but I’ll go try to acquire one!” he threatens.

It doesn’t get any better from there [content warning: recording contains extremely strong language]:

The video was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday by someone claiming to be a former employee of the security systems company.

"The company would not be happy that I'm doing this," the supposed former employee wrote, "but it belongs on the Internet."

From the video's description:

In case you want to take the video and upload it to your channel or use it for anything, go ahead. I found the audio, but it belongs to the internet. I actually think it'd be really cool if someone wanted to animate it better.

It sounds like the original issue was that the company missed an appointment. Somehow the issue escalated to where a Michelle (probably a supervisor in a department who could do more to help) was made aware of the situation. She called him and left a voicemail and then probably went home. When the customer called back and tried to reach her or her department, because they had gone home, he kept being rerouted to the customer service/technical support department. After over 3 hours of it, he had had enough. This is his epic meltdown.

We should make a few notes about the supposed call center audio (which is apparently from four years ago).

First, considering the recent slew of fake “viral” videos that have been going around, it’s entirely possible that the video is a phony.

Second, if the video is indeed authentic, then hats off to the call center employee for their near-supernatural patience.

Third, according to this Reddit thread, the company eventually took legal action against the caller, permanently barring him from calling them again. Perhaps that had something to do with his threatening to bring a machine gun to their place of work.

Again, the video could be a fake. But if it's real, then wow.


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