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Boyfriend Allegedly Takes Horribly Graphic Revenge on Girlfriend After She Wouldn't Go Out Dancing


Editor's note: the inherent nature of this alleged crime is graphic. Readers should be warned some of the content in this post could be considered graphic.


An Arizona man is accused of drugging his girlfriend and branding her genital area with his initials while she was passed out -- all because she wouldn't go dancing with him.

christopher jackson Christopher Jackson (Photo via KSAZ-TV)

According to KSAZ-TV, police arrested Christopher Jackson after his girlfriend alleged he used a branding iron to mutilate her private parts with his "CJ" initials.

The incident occurred back in May after the couple attended a baseball game. The local news station reported that the unnamed victim said she was too tired to go out dancing when Jackson asked. Jackson supposedly gave her pills to help her say awake, but she passed out. It was then that Jackson allegedly branded her in a fashion similar to a rancher branding cattle.

The victim did not come forward until last month because she was frightened, KSAZ reported. What's more, the woman claimed that her then boyfriend had boasted about branding other woman and told her he burned his initials onto her because she belonged to him.

With a search warrant, police found a branding tool and torch inside Jackson's home. The 49-year-old has been charged with a felony count of aggravated assault.

Watch KSAZ's report about the graphic crime:

Featured image via  Pestpruf/Flickr.




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