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Mike Tyson Stuns News Anchor Into Silence With Unedited Expletive on Live TV – and That Wasn’t Even the Weirdest Part



(Fox News)

Former boxer Mike Tyson shocked Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher into silence by muttering out "s**t" during a live TV interview on Monday. The rest of the interview, centered around a new documentary series "Being: Mike Tyson," was just as awkward.

"I met Muhammad Ali when I was 11-years-old," he began. "And um, that gave me the first. Um, wow. S**t."

A very awkward moment of silence followed.

Watch the video via Fox News below (Warning: The expletive comes at around 5:30):

However, the bizarre segment wasn't over. Later on in the interview as Gallagher was thanking Tyson for coming on the network, the boxer let out a guttural, choking hiss -- why he did it is anyone's guess.

Gallagher could only laugh it off as he wrapped up the interview.

(Fox News)

The host did note that the network had the interview on a "30-second delay," though it didn't seem to help.

"Thanks for keeping it clean. We had you on a 30-second delay by the way, just in case you didn't," he said as Tyson made bizarre punching gestures.

Watch the video above to hear Tyson discuss biting off Evander Holyfield's ear, going to prison and a whole bunch of awkward moments.


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