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Young Widow Asks Thieves to Return the iPad They Took with the Only Videos of Her Deceased Husband


"We haven’t given up hope."

Roni, Idan and Yuval Lahav (Photo courtesy: Lahav family)

Roni Lahav and her three-year-old son Idan were asleep last week in their home on Kibbutz Gan Shmuel in Israel when thieves broke into their house and stole cash and electronics, including the iPad that had the last recorded videos of Roni’s late husband Yuval who died of cancer two years ago when he was only 32-years-old.

Roni, Idan and Yuval Lahav (Photo courtesy: Lahav family)

Lahav is now appealing to the thieves via Facebook writing that while the loss of the money is no big deal, she’d like them to return the iPad. Yes, the device was valuable, but its content to her was priceless.  “On the iPad there were videos of Yuval and Idan, Yuval my husband died two years ago of cancer," Lahav writes. "In the videos, he’s dancing with him and happy, just a few short months before Yuval died…I didn’t have a chance to back it up anywhere and it’s the only thing that’s important to me.”

“An appeal to the thieves: I’m asking the thieves to at least return the iPad with the videos and to show at least a drop of humanity,” she posted on Facebook.

Lahav is asking people to share her story as widely as possible in the hopes it will somehow get back to those who broke into her house.

The Israeli news site Mako reports that three burglars had broken into the kibbutz to steal property from the residents. Several of the residents who were awakened managed to scare off the thieves, but because Lahav and her son slept through the break-in, the burglars were able to get away with the iPad, a mini iPad, another tablet and a smartphone, according to Mako.

Only when she woke up on Friday morning did she discover what had happened. She filed a police report, but forensics workers were unable to pull any prints, most likely because the perpetrators wore gloves, Mako reports.

On Sunday, TheBlaze spoke to Lahav by phone who says that though there’s still been no breakthrough, “police continue to investigate.” She tells us that her story has drawn 20,000 shares via various Facebook and Israeli media pages. Programming enthusiasts have also volunteered to help her try to digitally restore the images, but with no success so far.

“We haven’t given up hope,” she tells TheBlaze.


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