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Man Gives Away Brand-New iPhone 5S to Complete Stranger — and His Reaction Is Priceless


"He didn't believe me at first."

The man initially didn't believe Hilsenteger when he was handed the iPhone. (Credit: YouTube)

A video uploaded to YouTube late Sunday shows a man giving away a brand new, unlocked iPhone 5S to a complete stranger.

The video, already going viral Monday morning, shows Lewis Hilsenteger from the group "Unbox Therapy" scouring the streets of Toronto for the person with the "worst phone."

Upon discovering a man still using an old Nokia phone, which also has a cracked screen, Hilsenteger presented him with the brand-new iPhone 5S.

This unidentified man's Nokia phone was deemed the "worst phone" in all of Toronto by Unbox Therapy. (Image source: YouTube)

"What we are actually going to do is we are going to upgrade you right now," Hilsenteger says to the man. "Would you like an upgrade?"

"Yes, sure ... but how?" asks the man, appearing to be skeptical of Hilsenteger's offer.

Hilsenteger then hands over the iPhone, still in its factory box, to the unidentifed individual.

"Take, it man," he says.

"Oh ... seriously?" asks the stunned man.

Hilsenteger hands over a brand new iPhone 5S to the man. (Image source: YouTube)

"It's yours," Hilsenteger replies.

"No, you are joking," the man counters, before realizing Hilsenteger's offer was genuine. "Thanks a lot man. Thanks a lot."

The man initially didn't believe Hilsenteger when he was handed the iPhone. (Credit: YouTube)

Hilsenteger spoke with TheBlaze Monday morning and described the man's reaction.

"He didn't believe me at first," Hilsenteger said. "I think he was almost waiting for the 'Punk'd' camera crew to come from around the corner."

"He was really, really happy, but more shocked than anything else," he continued.

Watch the video (content warning: some strong language is used):

Hilsenteger told TheBlaze he made the video after receiving criticism for filming another video where he conducted "drop tests" — or in other words, destroyed perfectly good iPhones to see how durable they were when dropped to the ground.

"We got some comments from people saying that's wasteful," Hilsenteger said. "There were people who generally weren't fans. So I was brainstorming trying to think of something you can do with a new phone that might be more positive and to counteract the previous video that was so destructive."

Hilsenteger said the phone he gave to the unidentified man was the unlocked "space grey" 16gb iPhone 5S, which Hilsenteger said retails for $719 in Canada.

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