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See the Hockey Fight That Sent One Player Dazed to the Ground and Bloodied on the Ice


"I think Dave Clarkson made a mistake and now we'll pay for it."

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

The Buffalo Sabres vs. Toronto Maple Leafs preseasongame from Sunday night was rife with fights, but one in particular stood out: with about 10 minutes to go in the 3rd period, Sabres player Corey Tropp and Leafs player Jamie Devane threw down -- but it was Devane who came away on top.

After the two exchanged swings, Devane connected on multiple hooks, sending Tropp dazed to the ground, unable to immediately get up and nearly motionless:

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

Trainers scrambled to help him, and he was eventually helped off the ice. He didn't return.

Here's how it looked live:

But that wasn't the end. See, that scrum quicly led to another major fight that involved several other players later in the game (even the goalies):

"(Tropp) was the guy who instigated the fight," Leafs coach Randy Carlyle said when asked about the incident that apparently started the second brawl.

"Obviously, maybe they felt that was the problem was that there was a bigger man fighting a smaller guy," referring to Devane.

The second fight led to major penalty minutes and could lead to suspensions, especially after the Leafs David Clarkson left the bench to join the fight (a big no-no).

Clarkson could get 10 regular-season games for joining the fray.

"We're not proud or happy that went on, that's for sure," said Carlyle, who also said that he sent out Kessel's line in the hopes of defusing the situation after the fight between Devane and Tropp.

"I think Dave Clarkson made a mistake and now we'll pay for it."

Clarkson was unavailable to the media after the game.

The Leafs Phil Kessel was issued a match penalty for swinging his stick, which means an automatic suspension pending a ruling from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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