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Thugs Break Car Window with Brick, Beat 80-Year-Old Driver with Gun Before Robbing Him: 'Get His Money


"What kind of character do they have doing something like this?"

(Credit: WXIA)

Police are shocked at how much violence a trio of thugs used against an 80-year-old man, who suffered a fractured cheek and cuts above his eye in an attempted carjacking, WXIA-TV reports.

Creston Portis had returned to his home in East Point, Ga. — about 15 minutes south of Atlanta — after visiting friends and backed into his driveway when two males and one female blocked him in and approached him, according to police.

"[One suspect] had like a .45 and he's beating on the window and telling me to 'get out the car, get out the car, get out the car'," says Portis, who refused to open the door.

(Credit: WXIA)

Then one of the men picked up a brick and threw it through the passenger-side window and began striking Portis in the head with the gun.

Initially the female accomplice told the males to "leave him alone," Portis recalls, but was soon ordering the males to "get his money, see if he's got money."

Portis says the suspects pulled so hard on his pants to get at his wallet that they ripped them, police said. The thugs got away with Portis' wallet, but not his car.

(Credit: WXIA)

Police have surveillance photos of a black male and two black females who used Portis' credit card at a convenience store and are persons of interest, WXIA reports, adding that Portis doesn't know if any of individuals in the photo were among his assailants, as it was dark.

(Credit: WXIA)

Police also have photos of two vehicles believed to be involved, WXIA adds.

"What kind of character do they have doing something like this?" Portis asked in regard to the Sept. 14 incident, which was initially reported by WXIA Wednesday.

East Point Police say the crime hit the department hard as Portis' son used to be an East Point police officer.

Here's a report from WXIA:




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