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Video: Do you support the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare?


Yes, these are two names for the exact same law, but apparently a lot of people don't realize that.

As noted by Jonah Goldberg in this morning's must-reads, a recent CNBC poll found that many Americans are completely clueless when it comes to news about the health care law:

CNBC polled two different groups, using "ObamaCare" for one and "Affordable Care Act" for the other. Forty-six percent of the group asked about "ObamaCare" opposed it. But only 37% of those asked about the health law opposed it.

Conversely, ObamaCare had higher support than the law. As CNBC put it, Obama's name "raises the positives and the negatives."

That being said, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel took his crew to the streets of Hollywood to test Average Joe's knowledge of the law.  The results were predictably depressing:

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