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Colorado advertises Obamacare exchange with 'nearly naked people


Enrolling Colorado residents into the state's new health care exchange market is as simple as a bit of public nudity, apparently.

The Denver Postreports:

Promoters and health insurers fanned out with multimedia ads to encourage sign-ups. Colorado HealthOP, a consumer-run cooperative selling insurance plans on the exchange, sent models in skimpy clothing — and sporting signs with information — to greet Denver's 16th Street Mall lunch crowds.

"Exposed" young ladies prancing around the streets in flesh-colored underwear to advertise Obamacare -- a real victory in that whole "War on Women" thing, eh?

This girl even has #GetCoveredCO scrawled across her bum.  How cheeky.  Clearly no objectification of women going on here...

Twitchy has more.

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