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Anti-Evolution Filmmakers Have Big Announcement About Creationist Bible Movie


"We are blown away by the Christians who are cheering us on with their support!"

Last week, TheBlaze told you about “Genesis 3D,” a new Christian film project that seeks to disprove the purported “lie of evolution,” while bringing the Bible’s story of creation to life. Now, just a few weeks after a crowd-sourcing campaign launched with the goal of raising $150,000, the film's creator, Creation Today President Evic Hovind, has some major announcements to make.

Not only did "Genesis 3D" surpass its goal (as of 11:45 a.m. ET on Sunday, the Indiegogo campaign raised more than $151,000), but a church in Texas recently called Hovind with a stunning pledge: An additional $100,000 to help up the ante and bring the story about God's creation of the universe to movie theaters across America.

As for reaching the first benchmark, Hovind, who is the film's executive producer, was elated.

"We are blown away by the Christians who are cheering us on with their support! They want the truth of God's word to be proclaimed and experienced around the world," he told TheBlaze in an e-mail interview.

The pace at which monies have flowed in has been surprising.

On Sep. 27, just days after it launched, TheBlaze reported that more than $90,000 had already been collected. This is proof, director and producer Ralph Strean says, that Christians crave "quality productions that are biblically accurate and stand for the truth of the Holy Scriptures."

"This has been an incredible experience for us as we're helping to unite the body of Christ behind a powerful message. We're looking forward to completing the film and sharing it with the world," said Strean.

Photo Credit: Genesis 3D Movie LLC 

In the end, to the chagrin of non-believers and those who reject creationism, "Genesis 3D" may end up getting distributed far beyond the original parameters that were planned by Hovind and Strean.

After all, there are still 26 days left in the Indiegogo effort. And while that certainly leaves the window open for additional funds to stream in, there's also the $100,000 that was donated by an unnamed church in Texas. This surprising donation helped satisfy a second phase of fund-raising that the filmmakers were already considering.

From the start, the minimum goal for the project was $150,000 to get the film on Blue-ray, but if Hovind and his compatriots were able to raise $250,000, they knew they'd be able to add in more 3D sequences, bring in additional animators and potentially see the project grace the big screen.

See the trailer, below:

"We were blown away when we received a phone call from a church in Texas that said: 'God wants us to fund $100,000 of this project. We know that God is going to use this to reach millions and we want to be a part of that," Hovind told TheBlaze.

What was once a dream will now become reality. Hovind says that his team is working with Resurrection Pictures, a faith-based movie distribution company in California, to get the film as much distribution as possible.

Photo Credit: Genesis 3D Movie LLC

"We are noticing that a huge percent of the people who watch our campaign video are supporting the project. IndieGoGo says our stats look 'amazing,'" he said. "I told them, 'No, God looks amazing.'"

The more support "Genesis 3D" gets, the more theaters the film can extend to, so the Indiegogo effort, despite the church's big contribution, is nowhere near complete. On a grassroots level, considering the donations that have come in thus far, the potential for wider distribution is huge.

As the campaign continues, Hovind wants people to continue spreading the word, watching the trailer and sharing "Genesi 3D" with friends and family. Prayer and financial contributions, he says, are more than welcome.



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