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Anderson Cooper Calls Out GOP Rep. Who Accused Him of Being Biased: 'This Is the Way It Works in Journalism


"When you’re not on MSNBC and a liberal, you get contentious interviews."


CNN's Anderson Cooper went at it with Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho on Monday over the current battle over Obamacare and refuted his guest's insinuation that he is biased against Republicans.

Cooper insisted that President Barack Obama was elected twice running on universal health care, the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare and it is currently the law of the land as passed by Congress. He pressed Labrador on why Republicans can't agree on that and put up a "clean" continuing resolution to end the partial government shutdown.


Labrador pointed out that Republicans also won the House in 2010 and 2012, but Cooper didn't seem to accept his argument as valid.

“You’re nullifying two presidential elections and you’re nullifying the vote of Congress because you don’t like it," the CNN host said.

Cooper went on to ask the Republican why the House won't allow a vote on a clean CR to "see" if it would pass. Labrador insisted there are not enough votes to pass the bill.

When Labrador practically accused Cooper of doing the bidding of the Democrats, Cooper was quick to refute the allegation.

"All of a sudden, just because you don't like the fact that the Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives, you want to make sure that the Republicans actually pass the Democrat's--" Labrador began before being interrupted.

"I don't have a stake in this," he said. "This is the way it works in journalism. When you’re not on Fox News, you get contentious interviews. When you’re not on MSNBC and a liberal, you get contentious interviews. My job is to ask you questions that are different than you think, just as my next guest, who's a Democrat, I'm gonna ask the same kinds of questions… that's what a journalist does."

Watch the segment via CNN:


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