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Conservative group calls on Ritz Crackers boycott over Al Sharpton sponsorship

Rev. Al Sharpton speaking at the MLK 50th Anniversary (Credit: )

Truth Revolt, the right's answer to Media Matters for America, fully launched Monday with a petition to get MSNBC host Al Sharpton kicked off the air. The group's Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro writes:


Sharpton doesn’t dislike all "crackers." One of the companies that has run commercials on Sharpton’s show is Ritz Crackers, owned by Mondelez International. Mondelez gave TruthRevolt this statement: “At Mondelez International we demonstrate our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship by participating in programs that best serve a wide range of local communities and their interests and needs. We extend our responsibility to the sponsorship of tasteful, believable television programming and we avoid sponsorship of programs that would be unacceptable in terms of generally accepted social or community standards.”

If you disagree with Ritz Crackers that Sharpton’s program is “tasteful,” “believable,” and generally acceptable in terms of social or community standards – if you do not think that Sharpton’s brand of divisive racism ought to be sponsored by Ritz Crackers – please ... sign our petition...

"Now it’s time to let his advertisers know that we won’t stand for our purchases backing [Sharpton's] propaganda," reads the petition. "TruthRevolt is leading the fight to inform Sharpton’s financial backers just who Sharpton is – and what the consequences will be for continuing to support his race-baiting."

As of this posting, the petition had 1,355 online signatures with a Jan. 1 2014 deadline. The goal was set for 1,000.


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