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Dallas Man Claims: Twitter Stole My Name and Gave It to a Bank!


"...so that Twitter could play into the hands of what JPMorgan wanted."

A Dallas man has accused Twitter of stealing his username and giving it to JPMorgan Chase.

Chase Giunta said he has used the handle “@Chase” for nearly five years, but that this year someone claiming to be a broker called him and offered him $20,000 for the handle on behalf of JPMorgan Chase.

Giunta declined the offer because he thought it was a scam, KDFW-TV in Dallas reported.

Oddly enough, Giunta was contacted by Twitter one day later and was told that he had violated the social media site’s policies. His handle was revoked -- and JPMorgan started tweeting from it soon thereafter.

"I'm obviously not the first to make a commentary account or parody account or anything like that. I do feel I was singled out so that Twitter could play into the hands of what JPMorgan wanted," he told Fox Business.

The bank offered no comment.

Twitter, for its part, told Fox Business it doesn’t comment on individual accounts, but said it remains consistent when it comes to its parody account policies, which is that a profile name "should not list the exact name of the subject without some other distinguishing word such as 'not,' 'fake' or 'fan.'"

Giunta was apparently re-tweeting comments from frustrated bank customers, Fox Business reported.

He even had the word “Chase” written in the bank's signature font in his avatar photo, which apparently is the justification Twitter needed to revoke his handle.

The Dallas man disagrees with Twitter, but said he has no choice but to tweet from a new handle, now his full name.


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