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Undeniably a talented broadcaster': Reviews for Megyn Kelly's new primetime show


The Fox News Channel turned 17 on Monday and celebrated with its first significant primetime lineup change in 17 years, perhaps the biggest being Megyn Kelly's move from daytime to 9 p.m. ET.

A sampling of reviews for "The Kelly File"...

Brian Lowry of Variety: "[A]dd it all up and Fox has provided Kelly a perfect environment to succeed, sandwiched between its two most-watched personalities [Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity] and drawing upon an assortment of Fox correspondents to flesh out her hour. Simply put, it’s not like the folks who leave Fox News on as white noise will see Kelly and run screaming toward Rachel Maddow or Piers Morgan, and the obvious hope is she’ll woo a few younger viewers as well."

Lloyd Grove of The Daily Beast: "[Fox News CEO RogerAiles has always had an eye for talent and the patience to develop it, and Kelly undeniably is a talented broadcaster. It’s hard to disagree with Kelly’s Fox News colleague Trace Gallagher, who came on to introduce the car-crash segment and offered his own instant Kelly File review: 'Welcome to prime time. You look great, the set looks great, and it’s gotta be exciting for you.'"

From Reuters (no byline): "There’s a lot of pressure on Kelly to own this time slot — Fox News has no intention of slipping in the ratings now after years at the top, and Kelly’s show is part of its push to incorporate its news side into its opinion-dominated prime-time lineup.

Kelly seemed to relish the challenge. 'What’s it like to be the most-hated man in America?' she asked her first guest Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, pointing to a poll where the Republican congressman very low favorable rating.

Cruz avoided the questions he didn’t want to answer and stuck to his talking points for several minutes — and Kelly, for the most part, let him do it. She’ll have to challenge politicians more if she wants her program to truly show both sides of an argument, as she claimed on her recent 'O’Reilly' appearance."

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