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You May Be Stunned to Find Out Who Students at Liberal University Blame for Gov't Shutdown


"I have to go with the Democrats on this one."

Students at the notoriously liberal University of Colorado — Boulder overwhelmingly blamed President Barack Obama and the Democrats for the shutdown of the federal government in a new video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

The video features Caleb Bonham, a reporter for college news website Campus Reform, asking students who is to blame for the shutdown, now entering it's second week.

Watch the video, courtesy of Campus Reform:

Most students appeared to place blame on the Democratic leadership.

“He’s [Obama] just being really stubborn, not willing to negotiate at all, not taking any ideas from anyone else, it’s either his way or the highway and apparently we got to shutdown the government because of that,” one student told Campus Reform.

"I have to go with the Democrats on this one," another student told Bonham.

"Obamacare is stupid. You shouldn't be required to have health care," said yet another student.

At one point, Bonham appeared stunned most students, at what he called the "dependently liberal town," were overwhelmingly blaming Democrats.

"Wow," he remarked in the video.

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