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High School Running Back Steamrolls Almost Entire Defense on Reality-Defying Touchdown Run




St. Michael's High School (Toronto) running back Jaeden Washington steamrolled his way to a 50-yard touchdown, defying the basic laws of physics in the process. We still can't figure out if it was more of an incredible show of power or incredibly poor tackling by the defense -- probably a little of both.

Regardless, Washington broke at least seven tackles and manages to lift a couple defenders off their feet on an impressive play that made the ESPN highlight reel.


Some YouTube commenters also noted that the players look a little small for high schoolers, but it wasn't immediately clear if it was a junior varsity game. But come on, give the guy some props. He should've been taken down by gravity alone as he plowed through defender after defender.

Since being uploaded on YouTube Monday, the video already has more than 1.9 million views:

(H/T: Business Insider)


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