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Pursuit of the Truth recap: Contestants tackle the Federal Reserve and prescription drugs


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We've seen the first four semi-finalists in action now, having produced their own sizzle reels and are prepared to present it to the judges. The final two semi-finalists are Chris Bell, who is working on his documentary "Prescription Thugs," and Kelvin Owens, and his film "An American Intervention."

Bell's film is about the rising prescription drug culture - one he feels does not get nearly enough attention. And its one close to his heart - Bell reveals he is a recovering addict himself.

After dealing with some technical issues that delayed the filming of his first interview, Bell got a chance to talk to Jeff Hatch, a former NFL player. Hatch had seen Bell's previous film, and wanted in for this one. "He understands my story, and he understands me," Hatch said of Bell.

Later in the episode, Bell came upon an impromptu interview with former professional WWE wrestler Ryan, and it got very emotional as he talked about his connection to Bell's older brother. Bell's brother had a "really bad prescription drug problem" himself, reveals Bell, and died as a result. Upon reflecting on all he'd done for his sizzle reel, Bell said, "I just hope the judges react with passion."

On the other side of the country, in Georgia, Kelvin Owens was working on "An American Intervention" - and we were learning about Owens as a person. Owens served in Iraq in the Marine Corps, and remains actively involved. That may be why his house is devoid of furniture and excess - just the bare necessities.

He had to deal with two last second interview cancellations, but he kept a positive attitude. While other semi-finalists may have more experience, "I don't mind being the underdog," Owens said. And while he's the underdog, he remained active in all aspects of production, serving, according to someone on his team, in the roles of "producer, director, grip and everything."

Later in the episode he talked to his son over Skype, and explained the importance of hard work. "That's what men do, we take care of our business," he teold his son.

And of his film, Owens said: "We have big issues in this country and it's going to take big ideas to solve them."

With the semi-finalists wrapped up, we took one more look in at the other four: David Rufful, Maggie Nilsson, Dan Quigley and Joshua Ligairi. Watch all six sizzle reels, and see the three finalists, next week on "Pursuit of the Truth"!

Pursuit of the Truth is available on-demand here.

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